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Advice n° A-2014-05-C of 27 October 2014 regarding the proposal of a template for framework agreement.


Advice n° A-2014-06-S of 24 October 2014 regarding the Network Statement 2015-2016 introduced by Infrabel.


Advice concerning the proposal to modify the legislation on airport regulation for Brussels Airport. (Dutch and French only).


Advice n° A-2014-03-S of 28 July 2014 regarding the by Infrabel proposed modification of the principles of tarification for Your Shunts.


Advice n° A-2014-02-C on the project transportconvention regarding the operational cooperation between Infrabel SA and NMBS


Opinion n° 2013-02-C of 4 September 2013 regarding the template off framework agreements for railway infrastructure capacity. (Dutch and French only).
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