At Brussels Airport, ground handlers, like the airlines and the airport itself, have been severely affected by the impact of the corona crisis. One of the baggage and platform handlers of passenger flights, Swissport Belgium NV, was declared bankrupt as a result of the crisis. Since this bankruptcy, only Aviapartner has a long-term license to carry out baggage and platform handling at the airport.

As regulations oblige the airport operator to include two service providers in these groundhandling categories, an official tender was launched to replace Swissport. In the meantime, the operator has granted a temporary six-month license to ground handler Alyzia SAS.

Prior to the selection procedure, Brussels Airport submitted the Service Level Agreement, which it is obliged to conclude with the ground handlers, to the Regulatory Body.

The Regulatory Body has approved the quality standards imposed on ground handlers. The safety standards that ground handlers must respect were brought under the approval of the BCAA by the airport operator.

The text of the non-confidential version of the decision can be found here (in Dutch).