Due to legislative developments, the charging model for direct costs of Infrabel had to be adjusted so that the tariffs could be determined in accordance with the regulations. The Regulatory Body investigated these adjustments with a view to approving the cost model, in accordance with Article 48 of the Rail Codex.

The analysis of the Regulation Body largely took place during the course of the file: the Infrabel process to arrive at the final method was in close consultation with the Regulation Body. This allowed all necessary corrections to be made during the development phase. Part of the analysis, including the samples, concerned a later check. The Regulatory Body established that Infrabel actually and correctly applied the proposed method.

Based on the analysis carried out, the Regulatory Body was able to determine that the cost method submitted by Infrabel is in line with both European and Belgian regulations. In view of these findings and analyzes, the Regulatory Body approved the cost model.