On July 6, 2021, the Regulatory Body published his opinion A-2021-03-S with regard to the proposal of an excess rate. This opinion on a new tariff structure for rail bundles (train formation and shunting yards) was requested by Infrabel.  Because tariffs and the underlying products are related and cannot simply be uncoupled, the Regulatory Body provides an opinion on the complete tariff structure for the bundles. With regard to the products “tracks reservable for a long period” and “process tracks”, Infrabel is advised to make some adjustments: in the subdivision of the products, the control and enforceability, the efficiency and the allocation procedure. Within the tariff structure itself, Infrabel is proposed to differentiate in the access charge for the rail bundles. With regard to the usage charge for the bundles, Infrabel is strongly advised against using the excess rate, both for the bonus points component as for the excess points component. The possibility of differentiation in the usage charge can be considered.