Illustratie Trein 1


 According to article 62 of the law of 4 December 2006 regarding the use of the railway infrastructure the Regulatory Service has four main missions:

A mission to offer advice

  • To offer advice and to formulate proposals;
  • To carry out research and studies concerning the railway market;
  • To inform the minister in order to elaborate the regulations concerning licences, tariffs and allocation of railway infrastructure capacity;
  • To cooperate with the regulatory bodies of the other member states of the European Union;

A mission of monitoring

  • To examine if the network statement is in conformity with the legislation;
  • To ensure that the user charges are in line with the legislation and network statement, and that they are applied in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • To ensure that the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity is in line with the legislation and network statement;
  • To monitor the competition on the market for railway transport services;
  • To judge if the services for international passengers transport really have an international nature and are not a masked form of national transport.

A mission concerning the administrative handling of disputes

  • To take a decision within 10 days about disputes concerning the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity.

A mission concerning the handling of complaints

To take a decision and eventually impose a fine within 2 months concerning complaints of railway undertakings, applicants or the infrastructure manager when they believe they have been the victim of an unfair treatment, discrimination or of any other disadvantage concerning

  • the network statement or the criteria of the network declaration;
  • the procedure to allocate railway infrastructure capacity and the results of this procedure;
  • the tariff system, the amount or the structure of the charges for using the railway infrastructure;
  • the rules concerning the access to the railway infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Regulatory Service must also approve the method of cost charging used by the infrastructure manager (Infrabel). This approval has been granted on 6 December 2007.