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Advices concerning railway transport

Until now, the Regulatory Service has given, on the basis of its legal competences, the following advices: (text only in Dutch and French).

ADVICE A-2007-1-S

Advice n°  A-2007-1-S concerning the royal decree of 21 January 2007 recognising the NMBS as an institute offering training services to train conductors and train staff.

ADVICE A-2007-2-S

Advice n°  A-2007-2-S concerning delivery of training services to road crew.

ADVICE A-2009-1-S  

Advice n° A-2009-1-S on non-discriminatory exercise of duties related to the allocation of infrastructure capacity inside Infrabel.

ADVICE A-2014-02-C

Advice n° A-2014-02-C on the project transportconvention regarding the operational cooperation between Infrabel SA and NMBS

ADVICE A-2014-03-S

Advice n° A-2014-03-S of 28 July 2014 regarding the by Infrabel proposed modification of the principles of tarification for Your Shunts. 

ADVICE A-2014-05-C

Advice n° A-2014-05-C of 27 October 2014 regarding the proposal of a template for framework agreement.

ADVICE A-2014-06-S

Advice n° A-2014-06-S of 24 October 2014 regarding the Network Statement 2015-2016 introduced by Infrabel.

ADVICE A-2015-02-S

Advice n° A-2015-02-S regarding the draft network statement for the period 11/12/2016 - 09/12/2017.

ADVICE A-2016-01-S

Advice n° A-2016-01-S regarding the law of 30 August 2013 concerning the Railway Codex.

ADVICE A-2016-02-S

Advice n° A-2016-02-S regarding the performance regime.

ADVICE A-2016-03-S

Advice n° A-2016-03-S concening the preliminary ruling C-344/16.

ADVICE A-2016-06-S

On December 7, 2016, the Regulatory Body issued its advice A-2016-06-S. This advice concerns the closedown of the safety system Memor-Krokodil on December 12, 2016 and its potential impact on the market of rail freight. This advice can be consulted here (in Dutch only).

ADVICE A-2017-02-S

Advice A-2017-02-S regarding the retroactivity of the performance regime. This advice can be consulted here (Dutch only)

ADVISE A-2017-03-SC

On 31 October 2017, the Regulatory Body issued its opinion A-2017-03-SC. This opinion is about the compliance of Infrabel’s draft network statement for the period of 9 December 2018 to 14 December 2019 with the Railway Act. The opinion is available here (in French only).

ADVISE A-2018-03-S

Advice A-2018-03 concerning the performance scheme. Taking into account the decisions taken in the administrative settlement of the disputes and taking into account the legal deadlines, the Regulatory Body advises Infrabel to withdraw the current performance scheme for the timetable periods 2017, 2018 and 2019. This allows Infrabel to fully focus on the implementation of the new system for the 2020 timetable. This advice can be consulted here (Dutch and French)