Illustratie Luchthaven 3


The competences of the Regulatory Service regarding the economic regulation of Brussels Airport can be divided into 5 parts:

  • Approval and follow-up of quality charters for passengers and airlines.
  • Approval and follow-up of airport charges for the regulated activities of Brussels Airport.
  • Approval and follow-up of a service level agreement between Brussels Airport and the ground handlers.
  • Supervision of the conclusion between Brussels Airport and Belgocontrol of a service level agreement.
  • Imposing the content of the conditions of use of Brussels Airport and stipulating the rules on publicity of these conditions of use (Decision of 31 March 2006 of the Regulatory Service for Railway Transport and Brussels Airport Operations establishing the content and ongoing rules on publicity of the conditions of use of airport installations of the airport Brussel-Nationaal – Law Gazette 3 May 2006).

In addition, the Regulatory Service also has an extended investigating competence regarding compliance with the terms of the operating license of Brussels Airport. In that context, the Regulatory Service also has a competence to sanction.